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The use of clinical practice guidelines for the management of multiple sclerosis in Australia

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Qualitative interview study

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Clinical practice guidelines are often developed to improve care based on the latest evidence. However, there is no official obligation to adhere to guideline recommendations in Australia and it remains unclear whether clinicians use guidelines for MS management. We aim to explore the extent to which MS clinicians providing treatment to people with MS are aware of, value and use guidelines; and further assess the facilitators and barriers to guideline use. MS clinicians (nurses and neurologists) will be invited for a 30-minute phone or online interview.

Inclusion criteria

People practicing as a MS nurse or neurologist in Australia, currently treating people with MS.

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A participant information form will be emailed to you with more information once you have contacted Claudia or Isabelle, and a suitable time will be made with you (can be after hours) for an online or phone interview.



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