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For people with MS and other demyelinating diseases

If you want to find a trial or study suitable for you, we recommend using the filters available by clicking on ‘find a clinical trial‘. This will allow you to narrow down trials and studies based on your own personal circumstances, such as location and type of MS.

If you have questions about a specific trial, we encourage you to reach out to the recruitment contact listed for that particular trial. We are unable to answer queries about individual trials.

Please note, we aim to respond to all other enquiries within 5 working days.

For Trial Sponsors or CROs

Please call 1300 010 158 to discuss how the MS Australia Clinical Trials Network may assist you with planning your trial in Australia and New Zealand. Alternatively, complete the form to the right and we will call you.

For Research Professionals

If you are a research or health professional, you can join the MS Australia Clinical Trials Network to stay informed of MS clinical trial and research activity in Australia and New Zealand. To do this, please call 1300 010 158 or complete the registration form to the right. 

Research Professional Registration Form

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