About the MS Australia Clinical Trials Network

The MS Australia Clinical Trials Network was established in 2010 to facilitate the clinical trials process for MS in Australia and New Zealand and increase awareness and access to clinical trials for people with MS. The MS Australia Clinical Trials Network is a central point of information for people interested in participating in or conducting a MS clinical trial and for news about MS clinical research and trial activity.

Modelled on other successful clinical trials networks, our aim is to:

  • Improve the opportunity to participate in trials for both patients and neurologists
  • Increase communication and interaction between trial sponsors, trial sites and the patient community
  • Increase patient awareness about trials
  • Enhance trial sponsors’ awareness of Australia and New Zealand’s capacity to undertake MS trials
  • Assist with both industry sponsored and investigator initiated studies

MS Australia Clinical Trials Network does not aim to replace direct interaction between trial sponsors and neurologists or trial sites. Rather, it aims to increase the availability of information and maximise opportunities for participation for all parties.

The MS Australia Clinical Trials Network is administered by MS Australia. The Network’s Executive Committee consists of MS neurologist representatives from Australia and New Zealand, supported by a Scientific Review Committee.

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