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The Australian MS Longitudinal Study (AMSLS) is not a clinical trial. It is a survey-based study of life issues, designed to more fully understand the impact of MS, including the individual and overall community impacts. The data from the AMSLS provides a regularly updated, evidence base for a number of stakeholders including health professionals, scientific and applied scientists and a specialist workforce servicing the MS community in an effort to increase our understanding of MS and improve the provision of services and advocacy for people affected by MS. Any Australian resident, with a confirmed diagnosis of MS and aged over 18 years is eligible to join the Study. For more information about the AMSLS and how to participate visit the MS Research Australia website.

Inclusion criteria

If you are an Australian Resident in any State or Territory, diagnosed with MS by a neurologist and aged over 18 years, you are automatically eligible to enrol.

Anticipated start date

This study commenced in 2002 and is an ongoing longitudinal study of the impacts of MS. Many participants have been completing regular surveys since 2002, however, anyone meeting the eligibility criteria can join the study at any time.

Recruitment contacts

Phone: 03 6226 4739

For researchers wishing to collaborate, please contact Dr Ingrid van der Mei
Phone: 03 6226 7710

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To download an information sheet and consent form visit



Trial results

Please click here for details of this study and outcomes of the research.

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December 2017

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