Improving Bone Health in MS

This survey study aims to understand the current awareness and healthcare and lifestyle management of bone health, osteoporosis and fracture risk in people with MS. Participation is via completion of a 30 minute survey that can be accessed at the following link:

People with mobility-impairing neurological conditions perspectives about graduated compression stockings to prevent deep vein thrombosis.

This research aims to acquire information on the users’ needs around graduated compression stockings (GCS) and identify the drawbacks of current available GCS designs. Their difficulties in wearing, daily use, and the factors affecting the selection of the compression stockings, will be identified in the online survey and focus group using Zoom. To identify the […]

Characterizing the Use of Ofatumumab in a Real World Setting (EAFToS)

This study will be run in two parts. Part I will operate as a Secondary Use of Data study and Part II will operate as a Non-Interventional primary use of data study. Part I: This study is descriptive in nature without any key underlying hypothesis and will explore the onboarding and adherence of RMS patients […]

An Open Label Observational Study of Safety and Efficacy of a Pharmaceutical grade Cannabis Medicine (MediCabilis™-CBD extract Oil) in Patients undergoing Medicinal Cannabis Therapy for Different Indications

This study is a nation-wide observational study aiming to assess the safety, tolerability and efficacy of a non-intoxicating cannabidiol-dominant medicinal cannabis in managing chronic conditions that haven’t responded well to traditional treatment options, including multiple sclerosis. Patients who are prescribed Bod medicinal cannabis and meet the eligibility criteria will be able to participate in this […]

The Gilenya Pregnancy Registry

To collect and evaluate safety data on Gilenya exposure immediately before (up to 8 weeks before last menstrual period) and during pregnancy. Gilenya has not been tested in clinical trials in pregnant or breastfeeding women and the side-effects are unknown. Gilenya is not recommended for pregnant women or in the two months prior to conception, […]

Australian MS Longitudinal Study

The Australian MS Longitudinal Study (AMSLS) is not a clinical trial. It is a survey-based study of life issues, designed to more fully understand the impact of MS, including the individual and overall community impacts. The data from the AMSLS provides a regularly updated, evidence base for a number of stakeholders including health professionals, scientific […]