Determining factors influencing implementation decisions in healthcare

This study aims to ascertain relevant considerations and contextual factors that influence stakeholders’ decisions to implement innovations. An innovation may be a new intervention, strategy, model of care, or therapy. This study has a particular focus on economic factors but will also explore non-economic factors influencing implementation. We will use a discrete choice experiment methodology […]

Improving Bone Health in MS

This survey study aims to understand the current awareness and healthcare and lifestyle management of bone health, osteoporosis and fracture risk in people with MS. Participation is via completion of a 30 minute survey that can be accessed at the following link:

“Why are young people (still) stuck in residential aged care?”

This research is mixed methods study seeking to understand the NDIS from the perspective of young people living in residential aged care (YPIRAC). It explores the housing needs and preferences of YPIRAC and the barriers experienced in achieving housing choice and control in the NDIS context.

Project BASE: Changing Behaviour towards Aerobic and Resistance Exercise

Engaging in physical activity is beneficial to the wellbeing of people with MS. The aim of the study is to assess the feasibility of a study designed to involve people with MS in an exercise program. You’ll take part in a four-month at home exercise program, guided by our team of BASE physiotherapists, occupational therapists […]