Why do people with multiple sclerosis fatigue more easily than healthy individuals?

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All forms of MS, People without MS, Primary progressive MS, Relapsing MS, Relapsing remitting MS, Secondary progressive MS

Brief Summary

Do you fatigue easily during exercise? Up to 80% of people with MS experience fatigue, and half of those affected by fatigue report challenges when performing work, exercise, and activities of daily living.

Researchers at Griffith University are examining why people with MS fatigue more during exercise than people without MS. We are investigating the function of neural pathways in people with MS during a simple thumb contraction during one visit to the Neural Control of Movement Laboratory. We are hoping that these findings will help us better understand the fatigue characteristics in this population and allow improvement in treatments of MS that help manage and alleviate symptoms of fatigue.

All Participants will be offered a $100 Coles/Woolworths gift card for their involvement.

Inclusion Criteria

• People with and without MS
• Age 20-65 years old
• Male and Female
• Able to perform a thumb contraction

Exclusion Criteria

• Pregnancy
• Visual impairment
• Neurological disorders (besides MS)
• Implanted medical devices (pacemaker etc.) or metal within the body
• Peripheral nerve pathologies affected the upper limb
• Experienced a MS relapse within the last 3 months

Anticipated Start Date

Already commenced February 2023

Recruitment Contact

Emily Brotherton
Email: emily.brotherton@griffithuni.edu.au
Phone: 0474 507 600

Further Details

Please contact Emily Brotherton for further details


Southport, Gold Coast, QLD

Ethics Approval

Yes GU Ref No: 2020/388

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