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The effects of fatigue on the brain and performance

Type of Study/Intervention

Exercise, cognitive function, observational

Recruitment Status


Form of MS

Relapsing remitting MS, Secondary progressive MS, Primary progressive MS

Brief summary

Compared to healthy individuals, patients with multiple sclerosis fatigue much quicker during everyday physical activities such as climbing stairs or shopping for groceries. This impairment not only causes disability and compromises their quality of life, but also depicts a major source of morbidity. This research in MS will investigate the psychophysical mechanisms accounting for the patients’ heightened susceptibility to fatigue and limited capacity for physical activity.

Inclusion criteria

• >18 years of age
• Diagnosis of clinically defined MS, either with relapsing-remitting or progressive course of the disease.
• Expanded disability status scale (EDSS) score ranging from 1 to 5.5 such that patients are fully able to perform the requested motor task with the right hand/leg.

Exclusion criteria

• History of epilepsy or seizures
• History of alcohol and substance abuse or psychiatric illness
• History of learning difficulties
• Cardiac pacemaker
• Metal implants in the skull
• Pregnancy
• Recent concussive event (< 1 month prior)
• History of brain injury unrelated to sports participation
• Orthopedic limitations that does not permit performance of exercise
• Participants with current or history of significant cardiovascular disease, identified by health questionnaire
• Participants currently taking medication, which may alter cardiac rhythm
• Visual deficits

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Recruitment contacts

Dr Simran Sidhu [email protected]



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