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Self-Concept and Multiple Sclerosis

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Form of MS

Relapsing remitting MS, Secondary progressive MS, Primary progressive MS, Relapsing MS

Brief summary

This study will investigate the experience of changes in one’s self-concept (how people think about and describe themselves) in people with MS. Specifically, how people with MS describe themselves in present, how diagnosis has potentially caused a change in the way they describe themselves over time, and whether there are any significant disease-related events that are related to changing descriptions of self, for instance, symptom escalation, withdrawal from work, etc.

Consenting participants will be invited to participate in an online videoconference interview, to be held via ZOOM. The interview session is anticipated to take 60-90 minutes and participants will be asked to describe their perceptions of self currently, how this has changed since diagnosis, and any major events they believe to be significant influences on their changing perceptions of self.

All participants will receive an AU$30 Coles/Myer gift voucher in appreciation of their time.

Inclusion Criteria

• Aged 18 years or older
• Have a doctor-confirmed diagnosis of MS for a minimum of 12 months
• Currently live in Australia
• Are able to speak and understand English

Exclusion Criteria

Current diagnosis of a significant psychiatric (e.g., schizophrenia), neurological (e.g., dementia), physiological (e.g., cancer) condition that is unrelated to their MS diagnosis.

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Recruitment contacts

Holly Emery: Ph: 03 6226 7739
Dr Cynthia Honan:

Further details

For further details use the following link to indicate your interest in the study and a researcher will contact you:
Alternatively, please contact Holly Emery –, Ph: 03 6226 7739



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