Adaptive Clinical Trial

Education Modules for People Living with MS

The Trial Smart series has been developed to educate the MS community about clinical trials and the processes around this method of research. Informed by people living with MS and their unmet needs, the lived experience forms a central focus for warm and open discussions about being involved in a clinical trial.

Trial Smart explores clinical trials, explaining the terminology and discussing different aspects to consider. This includes a general introduction to clinical trials, the regulatory, ethical and governance processes, exploring informed consent, weighing up benefit and risk, making sure of a good fit for a clinical trial, the practicalities of juggling clinical and research care, addressing the barriers to participation and ends with information about some exciting new clinical trials on the horizon. We also discuss different ways to become involved in MS research if clinical trials are just not right for you.

Throughout this 9-part series, we are joined by experts in each of the modules to deeply explore some of the concepts we discuss. These experts include people living with MS, MS Nurses, Clinical Trial Co-ordinators, organisation leaders in MS research, pharmaceutical company specialists, scientists, neurologists, and human research ethics committee specialists. As each module explores a new concept, they are best viewed in order but alternatively, each module can be viewed as a standalone resource if a topic is of particular interest. We hope you enjoy learning more about clinical trials and MS.

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