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National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing in Neurological Disorders

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Brief summary

Background Information: Many people with MS and other neurological disorder experience difficulties with their quality of life and psychological wellbeing (e.g. difficulties with anxiety, low mood, memory and attention). But, little is known about the extent of these difficulties, or whether people can access help.

Potential Benefits: Your participation in this survey will help us to better understand the levels of mental health and wellbeing in Australians with MS and other neurological disorders and the kind of support that people access. This will inform us in the design of a free online course to help people with neurological disorders manage their psychological wellbeing. You will also be invited to register your interest in this course.

Inclusion criteria

This survey will take about 15 minutes to complete. All of your responses are confidential and anonymous.

Adults with a confirmed diagnoses of MS or another neurological disorder.

Inclusion criteria are outlined at the beginning of the survey

Exclusion criteria

Exclusion criteria are outlined at the beginning of the survey

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Dr Milena Gandy
Email: [email protected]

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Full details of the trial can be found at


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April 2016

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