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Multiple Sclerosis: Compassionate Care to support health and Wellbeing (WeCare)

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Form of MS

Relapsing Remitting MS, Secondary Progressive MS, Primary Progressive MS, Clinically isolated syndrome, People without MS

Brief Summary

The WeCare project will focus on the experiences between people living with MS and their carer/loved one to identify helpful caring experience, and in part in relation to supporting the person with MS to participate in wellbeing and physical activities.

The WeCare project will include;
• exploring what helpful experiences of care look like in the caring relationship, for example compassion in supporting motivation or in responding to difficulties, in order to support the health and wellbeing of persons living with MS
• identifying what may be helpful to support and maintain caregivers own wellbeing, including the use of exercise
• identifying what may be helpful in supporting carers to receive support from others including health care professionals, and how health care professionals can work collaboratively with carers
• gathering data that can inform a framework that supports developing health and wellness interventions for the carer-dyad comprising persons with MS and carers

Inclusion Criteria

– Over 18 years of age
– English speaking

A person with MS who have a carer or loved one who helps them
A carer or loved one who helps someone with MS
A healthcare professional (e.g., neurologist, nurse, social worker, physiotherapist, occupational therapist

Exclusion Criteria

Not meeting the above inclusion criteria.

Anticipated Start Date


Recruitment contacts

Principal Investigator Dr Helen Correia at

Further Details

The link to the study website can be found here.



Ethics Approval


Last updated

19 Nov 2020

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