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MS progression and diet

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Form of MS

Relapsing remitting MS

Brief Summary

The aim of this research is to create pilot data to allow researchers to look at the relationship between disease progression in adults with MS, and their food intakes. The study will use objective measures of disease outcomes, specifically high resolution MRI images obtained on a consistent quality scanner. This data will be compared to high quality food intake data to allow for potential associations between disease progress and dietary intake to be explored. To assist in achieving this research aim, volunteers will be asked to participate in a 6-month study involving two MRI brain scans; one at the start of the study and one 6 months later. At both time points, participants will also answer questions about their food intake and potential MS progression.

Inclusion criteria

Diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting MS using McDonald criteria
Adults (18yrs of age and over).
Participants must be able to attend the diagnostic centre in Wollongong, NSW at both time points during the study.

Exclusion criteria

Inability to communicate in the English language

Anticipated start date

Recruitment has now closed.

Recruitment contacts

Olivia Wills (research student): Email: Ph: +61 499 460 570
Emiliana Saffioti (research student): Email:, Ph: +61 412 814 088
A/Prof Yasmine Probst (research supervisor): Email:, Ph: +61 2 4221 5302


NSW, Australia

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