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MS JobSeek: harnessing peer support to help job-seekers with multiple sclerosis find employment

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Form of MS

Relapsing remitting MS, Secondary progressive MS, Primary progressive MS

Brief summary

Our team will develop and test an online forum, MS JobSeek, led by employed peers with multiple sclerosis and overseen by a health psychologist. The peers share their work experiences and help to motivate and encourage persons with MS to explore work and study options. This group coaching and mentoring is supplemented with educational material to help users better understand the current job market. To maximise reach and quality of access we will deliver this targeted support and mentoring via the internet.

We will examine whether MS JobSeek is effective in supporting return-to-work progression for persons with relapsing remitting or progressive multiple sclerosis using a rigorous scientific study design. The findings will help to generate new evidence on how job-seekers with multiple sclerosis engage with, and respond to, peer mentoring. We also hope to provide a framework for how peer support services might be run and optimised in vocational care.

Inclusion criteria

Eligibility criteria include adults of working age with relapsing-remitting or progressive forms of multiple sclerosis who are currently unemployed and want to return to the workforce, residing in Australia, with English fluency and access to a computer, tablet or smartphone with internet connection.

Exclusion criteria

Those who are medically retired will be excluded, given the focus is on individuals who have the capacity to work. It is anticipated that people with major cognitive impairments will self-exclude because they are unlikely to access, or benefit from, the study materials.

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Already started

Recruitment contacts

Dr Diana Dorstyn

School of Psychology
University of Adelaide

Phone: 08 8313 0649




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For more information, go to:

Further details about the study can also be found here: ACTRN12619001537145

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19 Nov 2020

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