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MS and Communication Difficulties

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Form of MS

Relapsing remitting MS/Secondary progressive MS/Primary progressive MS/Relapsing MS

Brief Summary

The aim of this study is to explore the experiences and perceptions of people with MS about communication difficulties (e.g., word finding difficulty, difficulty following conversations, speech problems, voice difficulties). We want to better understand the impact of communication difficulties on everyday activities and how we can improve services to help people with MS better manage communication difficulties. We hope that this information will guide future research and treatment to help people living with MS get the support they need to maintain and improve their quality of life.

In this study you will be invited to participate in a focus group/interview held via Zoom/phone call. You will be asked questions about your experiences and your perceptions on communication difficulties in MS. The focus group/interview will last for approximately 60-90 minutes.

To thank you for your time and participation, when you complete a focus group/interview you will have the option to select one of the following: (1) receive a Coles-Myer voucher or (2) have the research team make a donation to Multiple Sclerosis Australia.

Inclusion Criteria

• Have a diagnosis of MS (any subtype)
• Experience communication difficulties (e.g., word finding problems, difficulty following conversations, speech problems, voice difficulties)
• Have no other condition that affects your brain (e.g., stroke)
• Speak English
• Over 18 years of age

Exclusion Criteria

You will be excluded from this study if you do not meet all the inclusion criteria.

Anticipated start date

Study is open.

Recruitment Contact

Sarah El-Wahsh: [email protected]

Further Details

For further details about this study and to receive a copy of the participant information statement, please e-mail [email protected]



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Last updated

13 Mar 2021

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