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Cellular Horizons: Improving decisions about access to stem cell interventions

Type of Study/Intervention

Non-interventional – participant semi-structured interview

Recruitment Status


Form of MS

Relapsing remitting MS, Relapsing MS, Secondary progressive MS, Primary progressive MS, carers and clinicians

Brief summary

This research collaboration explores how best to support decision making around patients’ access to cellular therapies. Over the next three years, ethicists, lawyers and social scientists from four universities (University of Sydney, Monash University, University of Melbourne and National University of Singapore) will work with consumers, clinicians and policymakers to devise ways of supporting people making decisions about access to cellular therapies. The first stage of the research involves interviews with patients, carers, clinicians and other key stakeholders.

This research will generate principles and guidelines to inform when access to cellular therapies should be through clinical trials and when and how they should be offered in clinical practice. It will also develop principles for shared decision-making, education and communication strategies to help patients understand their options and make decisions that are truly reflective of their values, needs and healthcare goals. The research is funded by the Medical Research Future Fund.

The interview will be conducted via Zoom or phone for approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Inclusion criteria

Have had or are thinking about having stem cell treatment, or the carer for someone who has had (or thinking about having) stem cell treatment.

Exclusion criteria

People under 18

Anticipated start date

May 2022

Recruitment contacts

Dr Sian Supski –

Further details

Further details can be found here.



Ethics approval

Approved by Monash University Human Research Ethics Committee, number 30571.

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