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Floodlight Open – A research study to assess the tracking of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) using smartphones

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Form of MS

Relapsing Remitting MS, Secondary Progressive MS, Primary Progressive MS, Clinically isolated syndrome, People without MS

Brief summary

The symptoms of MS can be extremely variable and challenging to track and measure. The purpose of this study is to assess if smartphones can be used to collect information potentially related to MS over time, and the factors that impact adherence to smartphone technology. Each data point from participants (with or without MS) contributes to a unique and open dataset designed to help move MS research forward.

Participants with a smartphone will be asked to download the Floodlight Mobile Application, which includes:

• Active tests that prompt and guide the user to perform various assessments. These include patient reported outcomes (daily mood question), hand motor function, gait and posture, and cognitive tests

• A software that allows for “passive monitoring”, which will collect metrics on mobility throughout the daily life of participants, in a continuous and unobstructed manner.

Inclusion criteria

• 18 years or above
• Must have an iPhone and be able to download the Floodlight Mobile Application
• Must be able and willing to provide informed consent
• Participation open to people with or without MS

Exclusion criteria

Those who do not meet the above inclusion criteria will not be able to take part in the study.

Anticipated start date

Already started.

Recruitment contacts

For full details of the study and to sign up visit the Floodlight Open website.



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Roche Medical Information
Telephone: 1800 233 950

Monash University team


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