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Family planning and Multiple Sclerosis (FAMS): Identifying practices and unmet information needs of people with MS

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Form of MS

All forms of MS (Relapsing remitting MS, Secondary progressive MS, Primary progressive MS, Clinically isolated syndrome, Relapsing MS)

Brief summary

This study will investigate aspects of family planning in MS, as well as women’s and men’s attitudes towards starting or enlarging their families. Specifically, practices, attitudes and beliefs related to fertility, contraception, pregnancy and delivery, breastfeeding, and family decision making will be explored, with a particular focus on considerations related to the ongoing clinical management of MS and the role of medications.

Consenting participants will be asked to participate in a one-on-one phone or face to face or videoconference interview. The interview is estimated to last 30-60 minutes and participants will be asked to describe their experiences and comment on the practices they utilise to obtain information in regard to family planning, the relationship with their health care professionals, the potential challenges they face and factors influencing decision making.

Inclusion Criteria

Women and men aged over 18 years, with a doctor-confirmed diagnosis of MS, currently live in Australia and able to communicate (speak and understand) in English.

Exclusion Criteria

Not meeting the inclusion criteria

Anticipated Start Date

No longer recruiting.

Further Details

Further details can be found at the study website here.



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