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Exploring the role of healthy eating in the management of Multiple Sclerosis

Type of Study/Intervention


Recruitment Status


Form of MS

All forms of MS (Relapsing remitting MS/Secondary progressive MS/Primary progressive MS/Relapsing MS) and people without MS

Brief Summary

The study will examine the role of nutrition in management of multiple sclerosis symptoms by gathering information on participants eating patterns, knowledge of nutrition and access to nutrition information specific to MS management. This study aims to improve access to and the understanding of nutritional information and its benefit in the management of multiple sclerosis.

Inclusion Criteria

Diagnosed with MS using McDonald criteria
All ages, all genders and demographics

Exclusion Criteria

Unable to access survey online
Inability to read and comprehend English language

Anticipated Start Date

Monday 01/03/2021

Recruitment Contacts

Emiliana Saffioti (research student):
Email: [email protected], Ph: +61 412 814 088
A/Prof Yasmine Probst (research supervisor):
Email: [email protected], Ph: +61 2 4221 5302

Further details

Further details
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Ethics Approval


Last updated

2 March 2021

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