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Effects of electrical stimulation and exercise for swallowing problems in adults with multiple sclerosis

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Brief Summary

This study is about investigating the effectiveness of electrical stimulation in treating swallowing problems in adults with MS. Research around electrical stimulation suggests that there is considerable potential for participants of this project to improve their functional swallowing abilities and hence improving quality of life and emotional wellbeing. The study involves an assessment of the participant’s swallowing function, completion of questionnaires, and six treatment sessions with electrical stimulation. The participants will be reimbursed for travel expenses ($40 per session).

Inclusion Criteria

  • Adults with an existing diagnosis of MS
  • Adults with self/family-report of swallowing difficulties
  • Adults above the age of 18

Exclusion Criteria

  • Concurrent neurological disease other than MS;
  • Inability to give written informed consent because of cognitive impairment.

Recruitment contacts

Dalal Alali- [email protected]  0423864828

Hans Bogaardt-  [email protected]  02 9351 9334





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