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Impact of the COVID 19 Pandemic on physical activity for people with MS

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Form of MS

Relapsing Remitting MS, Secondary Progressive MS, Primary Progressive MS

Brief Summary

The European Network for Best Practice and Research in MS Rehabilitation (RIMS) has a Special Interest Group (SIG) for Mobility. The RIMS SIG mobility is undertaking a survey to investigate how the pandemic has affected physical activity (physiotherapy, exercise and/or leisure activities) for people with Multiple Sclerosis. The Principal Investigator of this study,, is leading this survey in Australia.

This study will involve a survey on your experiences with physical activity participation (physiotherapy, exercise and/or leisure activities) both before the COVID pandemic and in current times. The study includes a mixture of both multiple choice questions and boxes for you to write answers in, and should take approximately 30 minutes to complete. There are 74 questions in total.

Inclusion Criteria

We are inviting anyone who has a diagnosis of MS to take part in our survey for persons with MS.

Exclusion Criteria

Those without a diagnosis of MS are asked not to take part.

Anticipated Start Date

May 2021

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Please visit the study website here:



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