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Cooking with one hand: the challenges with cooking in adults with hemiparesis living independently

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Form of MS

Relapsing remitting MS, Secondary progressive MS, Primary progressive MS, Clinically isolated syndrome, Relapsing MS

Brief Summary

The project is seeking to identify the specific challenges faced in cooking and food preparation by adults living independently through a series of in-depth interviews. Participants will partake in an in-depth interview lasting approximately 30 minutes via videoconference. Questions in the interview will relate to knowledge about healthy diets, food choices and cooking experience. The interview audio will be recorded on a digital audio recorder, transcribed and de-identified, and then analysed and coded into themes and categories. This information will give insight into the challenges of adults with hemiparesis related to cooking and may be used to aid in the development of nutrition and cooking skill education programs.

Inclusion Criteria

Participants will be adults with hemiparesis or a unilateral upper limb impairment who live independently.

In plain-language:

Adults with a physical impairment in one arm (which can include paralysis, weakness or uncontrolled movements in one arm but have full use of the other arm), who live without full-time carers and do not have intellectual or cognitive disabilities will be eligible candidates for the study.

Exclusion Criteria

The exclusion criteria will include:

-Adults with an intellectual disability: This study will focus on only hemiparesis and not any cognitive or intellectual disability, acquired or congenital.

-Adults whose disability requires living with full-time carers: This study is looking at independently living adults with hemiparesis

Anticipate Start Date

Start date 31/08/2020 – Finish date 15/11/2020

Recruitment Contact and further details

Constantine Tablan
0457 449 860



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19 Nov 2020

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