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Person-first versus identity-first language: Informing client-centred care

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Form of MS

Relapsing MS, Relapsing remitting MS, Secondary progressive MS, Primary progressive MS, Clinically isolated syndrome

Brief summary

This research aims to understand the preferences of people with a health condition/disability when it comes to the use of person-first (e.g. person with MS) versus identity-first (e.g. MSer) language. This research will also assess whether the type of disability/health condition or its severity is related to language preference and quality of life. This research is important to expand the understanding about how people with disabilities or health conditions prefer to be referenced, as well as factors that may influence preferences, to maximise respectful language use when address people across different disabilities and health conditions.

Inclusion criteria

People with a self-reported disability/health condition

Exclusion criteria

Friends, family and associates of people with disabilities/health conditions

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Dr Lisa Grech, 0410 947 444 or

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Please follow the link to be directed to participant information, consent and the study survey:



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